Original Chainsaw Carving

Oregon, Wisconsin

My most popular chainsaw carvings are of bears, although I have carved eagles and made wood chips, leaving a big mess in my back yard!  I get my logs from a tree removing company and anywhere else a tree is being cut down.  So rest assured that no living tree, that is minding his own business, has been sacrificed to satisfy my desire for wood.  Here in southern Wisconsin, maple, oak, and pine are plentiful, thus being the woods of choice.

When wood is used straight from the tree there will be some cracking.   This occurs when the wood dries unevenly and from expansion and contraction due to weather changes.  Moisture is a major enemy of any piece of wood.  To reduce water problems as much as possible, I attach one inch spacers under every carving and recommend they are never set directly on the ground.  A patio block or decorative stones work well.  For your lasting pleasure, each carving is either painted or treated with exterior wood preservative products.  I use Wolman F&P Finnish and Preservative on the unpainted portions and high quality exterior paints on the rest.

For information about my carvings, contact me at  orgchncarv@aol.com

To view some examples of my carvings, click on the picture of the S.O.B.

                     (Shack Out Back, What were you thinking?)

This is "up nort", where I do my carving.  Actually, in my back yard, 100 feet north of my house, no "h" 'cause I don't need a highway to get there!!


                 Light Painting Photo by Mark Jenson of Milo's Photography

Milo's Links:  http://www.milopixsure.com/        http://www.flickr.com/photos/29225650@N06/


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